Top Websites to Get Free Health Samples



While there seems to be no end to health issues…it’s one thing or another; there are ways to support good health and fix health problems.

Yes, some require medical intervention, which firmly recommends, but there are ways to support your health inexpensively…even free!

You may feel a little unwell or achy while reading this and are willing to put up with it because of the expense of getting help. We understand.

Because this is a universal problem, we’re exploring the top free health sample websites to help you care for yourself without breaking the bank.

Keep reading to find out where you can get free health samples to feel better.

*NOTE—I recommend you use a “shopping” email when signing up for these sites, not your personal one.

Better to clog up an inbox designated for shopping rather than mixing shopping with your personal daily email.

1. Freefly’s

Freefly’s is the largest free samples website.

Their mission is to connect consumers with companies offering free samples, promotions, giveaways, and other ways to save money.

Launched in 2004, it is part of a large marketing media company, Trancos, Inc.

Freefly’s offers free samples by mail and requires no surveys. They say they carefully review each sample and publish more than 40 posts per week.

At the time of this writing, some free samples on their site include Breathe Right Strips, XYZAL Allergy 24hr, Sleepwell Nasal Dilator, Balm Extra Strength Pain Relief, and more.

2. Bayer Consumer Health

Bayer Global’s mission is to use science to improve lives because they believe everyone deserves the chance to live a fuller, healthier life.

Once you land on their page, you fill in your email address and a password to register. Once registered, you can

Order free samples, with conditions—one sample order per brand per 30 days—Download coupons,

Read their latest product studies and guidelines, and

Get patient materials.

Just on the landing page alone, there is Aleve, Bayer Aspirin, Claritin, MiraLAX, and OneADay.

3. Onlyfree

This site is packed with pages of health products, from supplements to ear plugs, oral hygiene products, deodorants, and everything in between.

A total of 730 product offers are available as I’m writing this.

To order your free stuff, enter your email, make sure the button says USA and hit subscribe.

You will receive a verification code, and you’re ready to go!

4. Yofreesamples

Yo! Free Samples, founded in 2007, vow to “keep it clean.” No surveys to complete, and nothing is misleading on their site.

They have a special section with all the latest freebies, so you can go there without hassle.

Yofreesamples offers coupons to reduce your retail shopping bill when buying your favorite brands.

You will also find a money-saving blog, and you can check them out on Facebook and Google+, where they have fun posts, special offers, contests, and Pinterest boards with money-saving ideas and DIY projects.

Sign up on the landing page with your email, and you can unsubscribe anytime.


4.0 Trustpilot is a directory letting you know where to find various free samples. They don’t distribute the samples.

However, they test every offer and don’t require surveys to be filled out.

Free samples are usually distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and they recommend that you order in high volume to increase your chances of getting free stuff promptly.

To join, you sign up with your email. They promise confidentiality, they will never sell your contact information, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

*NOTE—I tried to unsubscribe and didn’t find out how to do it. I saw no unsubscribe button. I use a shopping email and not my one when signing up for freebies, so I’m OK not to unsubscribe.

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome letter, and they are honest about what it takes to receive your free samples.

You have to take some time daily to sign up for the offers that appear in their daily newsletter, and the more you sign up for, the more you get.

Emails are delivered daily with fresh freebies seven days a week.

They encourage patience and reward you for selecting what you want.

6. Munchkin Freebies

Brands advertise their products and services by offering free samples and discount coupons on Munchkin Freebies website.

The site is updated daily with new free stuff—the most current freebies can always be seen on the landing page of their site.

You don’t need to register to enjoy the free stuff, but you can subscribe to receive their daily emails.

*NOTE — It can take up to 4-8 weeks to receive products. Companies can get overwhelmed with requests.

Final Thoughts

Many free things on these websites will help you support your health and prevent disease.

Again, if you need to see a doctor, we encourage you to do so.

If, however, you are looking for ways to maintain your health and keep illness at bay, then sampling products for free to test them is an excellent idea.

Any of the above freebie websites offer various products to help you. is about helping you, so take a moment and find out if any of these sites will give you something that makes a difference between having an OK day and having a GREAT day!

To your good health. ❤️

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