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For people newly diagnosed with chronic and sometimes life-threatening conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer, the world turns upside down.

There is the constant state of worry, the symptoms that infringe on the body, sometimes suddenly, and being seen as a person now different than the one family and friends always saw — strong and independent.

There are many steps newly diagnosed people go through, from building their medical teams, searching for more information about the disease, finding communities in support groups, and more.

In 2022 with the continuing development of technology and so much information becoming more easily accessible, there are more new ways to find help.

Please keep reading to learn about two convenient apps from Belong.Life that brings helpful knowledge and helps its users.

What is Belong.Life?

Belong.Life is a company founded in 2015 by three entrepreneurs. They started with Belong — Beating Cancer together, “a free patient navigation app that allows cancer patients and their support network to explore and manage their treatment journey while improving their quality of life.”

Since starting Belong — Beating Cancer Together, they have expanded their company to include Belong/MS, BelongPSO, and BelongIBD, covering Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Chron’s, and Colitis.

Belong App: Multiple Sclerosis

The purpose of the MS App is to improve the lives of those with multiple sclerosis.

Here are nine facts about Multiple Sclerosis:

  1. MS is a chronic condition
  2. MS affects younger adults and often women
  3. MS symptoms vary
  4. MS can be difficult to diagnose
  5. MS involves relapse and remission
  6. There’s a cognitive side of MS
  7. MS is a silent disease
  8. It helps to stay cool - Doctors recommend that people with MS stay cool whenever possible. Heat can cause an exacerbation of symptoms.
  9. Vitamin D plays a role

The Belong.Life MS platform provides an end-to-end patient-centric solution, meaning that it’s driven to give any MS patient a full spectrum of services.

The Patient Engagement Platform values include:

  • Solutions, connections, communities,
  • PROs—Personalized Recovery Oriented Services, a comprehensive model that integrates rehabilitation, treatment, and support services
  • RWE (Real-world evidence) refers to clinical and economic evidence derived from real-world data analysis.
  • Adherence, Awareness, and Education — Direct access to patients at the right time with the right message
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence —Leveraging machine learning & AI to provide superior engagement and deep data insights.

The app also makes finding clinical trials easier than ever. It has a matching feature to analyze the relevance and recruit clinic trials worldwide.

BelongMS has matched 20,000+ clinical trials with patients looking for new pathways to live with and possibly cure their MS.

In addition, BelongMS also offers a knowledge center:

  • Wellness information includes the best diets, foods, and emotional and physical exercise recommendations
  • Education for parents, information about possible causes, symptoms, clinical trials, vitamins, probiotics, the types of MS, and more
  • Press releases to read what is written about MS on a global scale
  • A blog to keep up on the latest news and findings of MS

If you, or someone you know, has MS, download the app now. Why?

  • It’s free and fast
  • You can find relevant trials
  • They search locally and globally
  • AI bridges to appropriate clinical trials
  • You can remain anonymous
  • Finally, they provide personalized and Privacy at all times for their users.

You can start by downloading the BelongMS-Multiple Sclerosis app, registering anonymously, and entering the “clinical trials” group.

Don’t wait. BelongMS is the world’s largest social and professional network for MS patients and caregivers. It is free and anonymous.

Belong App: Beat Cancer is the world’s largest social and professional network for managing and navigating treatment journeys. It is free and anonymous for cancer patients and caregivers.

Some good news—As of 2022, the cancer death rate continues to drop. Between 1991 and 2019, cancer deaths dropped by 32%. In addition, at least 42% of the projected new cancers are potentially avoidable, including 19% caused by smoking, excess body weight, drinking alcohol, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity.

Its mission is “improving patient quality of life and quality of care worldwide, through technology, services, data, and AI.”

Just like theMS App, the Cancer App has a robust platform consisting of adherence, awareness, and education powered by artificial intelligence.

Features of the app include:

  • Direct chats with world-renowned experts
  • A supportive & interactive patient community
  • Care plan and treatment management
  • Digital medical & knowledge center binder
  • Personalized content, updates, and news flashes
  • Clinical trial matching service

A Final Thought

If you or someone you love is living with Multiple Sclerosis or Cancer, download the apps on your phone, desktop, or iPad. You’ll be part of a vital community that provides support and help no matter where you are.

With an ‘A’ Cybersecurity score and a Medtech Visionaries Award 2021 for “Best APPS & Software for Patient Engagement and Research Platform,” this app will give you what you need during difficult times and at any time.

We wish you and your loved ones an easy journey. 🌺

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