Top 25 Market Research Topics in 2022 – Recruiting Participants



Whether you’re leading a company, a department, or a team or starting an entrepreneurial enterprise, conducting market research is imperative for your organization's long-term goals.

Are you in need of market research for your company or personal needs?

  1. Maybe you’ve been able to conduct your research until now, but now you’re overwhelmed by continuing to create research studies such as focus groups, app installs, online surveys, and more.
  2. Maybe your needed pool of participants has grown, and you don’t know how to reach that many.
  3. Or perhaps you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting from your research, i.e., the pool of participants isn’t fresh, answers are incomplete, etc.
  4. Or, finally, it could be that you haven’t researched because you don’t know how.

Any of these situations are enough for even the best to reach out for expert help, like

Why You Should Recruit for Market Research

Companies conduct market research to understand their industry and consumers better so they can anticipate their needs.

Understanding needs allows for better strategies and tactics when planning to produce, supply, and sell new products and services.

The more informed you are about your target customers and market, the greater chance you have to:

  • Improve the status of your company and stay ahead of your competition.
  • Mitigate your risks when investing time, energy, and money.
  • Meet customer needs and desires.
  • Reduce any shortcomings in your product or service while increasing your strengths.

What Can Do for You

At, we promote market research studies nationwide in over 200 cities.

You can feature your study with us as a top online recruiting platform.

We provide local and national studies to choose from and will recruit for you!

We work in all market areas, from healthcare, tech, AI, streaming, and entertainment to YouTube, Amazon Prime, and many more.

Regardless of your company's size, we can provide the participants you need to meet your goals.

Please keep reading to learn our Top 25 Market Research Topics of 2022, made up of mature companies and industries and new entrepreneurial ventures breaking into the market.

Top 25 Market Research Topics of 2022

The following lists of categories and topics are the most clicked and had the most recruits provided by

As you read through, click the links to peruse the available categories and current studies.

We anticipate you’ll find topics relevant to you.

If you are looking for something and don’t see it, reach out for a chat.

We always welcome new categories to produce excellent market research studies, so businesspeople like you can reach your company's and consumers' goals.

The categories and topics are as follows:

In our Focus groups category

  1. Food
  2. Healthcare
  3. Online world - shopping, banking, social media
  4. Virtual - reality, games, software
  5. Drinks - energy, sport, non-alcoholic, beer, for kids

In our Clinical trial category

  1. Mental health
  2. Women's health
  3. Men's health
  4. Viruses
  5. Children's health

In our Product testing category

  1. Food
  2. Women's beauty
  3. Home appliances
  4. Products for children
  5. Cleaning products

In our Online surveys category

  1. Photography
  2. Mental health
  3. Consumer opinion
  4. Healthcare
  5. Insurance

In our App install category

  1. Media
  2. Streaming
  3. Generic apps testing
  4. Mobile usage
  5. Media - other languages - Spanish & Mandarin

Final Thought

Your organization’s long-term goals are your priority, and we understand this.

Market research studies are a primary way for you to hit those goals. is committed to building a high-quality database of participants from all walks of life and locations to ensure our partners, like you, have direct access to a large pool of qualified candidates.

Again, whether you’re overwhelmed by continuing to create research studies on your own, you’re unable to reach the number of participants you need, or are dissatisfied with your study results to date, is the expert service you can count on for excellent results.

Reach out today so we can discuss your needs.

We look forward to serving you! 🙌🏻

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