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It’s no secret that saving money isn’t very easy to do. When surprise bills come up, it may seem like trying to get your savings account to your goal amount is almost impossible. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a few key tools and some dedication, you can start saving money quickly and effectively.

Smartphone apps can be incredibly useful when it comes to saving money. From investment apps to nickel-and-dime savings apps to apps that deliver coupon codes that could save you a ton of cash, you have many different options when it comes to using the right tool to save money.

Are you in need of some unique ways to save money that are actually effective? We put together a list of our eight favorite apps that are designed to help you save money. And they’re all free! Check out our top picks below.

8 Apps to Help You Save Money

These apps are free to use and perfect for getting your finances in order!


Qapital is a savings automation app that makes saving money effortless. It does so by rounding up the total of your purchases on a daily basis. The difference is then automatically deposited into your “goal” account, which is an insured savings account owned by Qapital. You’ll earn about 0.10% interest on this account and you can deposit your savings whenever you want. Essentially, this app is great for saving money because it chips away at small amounts of money that you spend throughout the month and saves it. Your savings account could steadily grow without you even noticing!



This app won’t save you money directly, but it will help you save on purchases that you make online. If online purchases tend to get in the way of your savings account, RetailMeNot is a great app for reducing your overall spending. This app is a coupon code aggregate that compiles codes and deals from around the web. You’ll even find more niche online shops on this platform!



This famous investment app is changing the narrative that millennials don’t invest their money. In fact, Acorns makes it super easy to start investing by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar amount. The difference is then taken from your spending account and placed into an Acorns investment account. The portfolio you invest in is based on your unique needs and income. If you’ve never invested before and don’t have a decently padded savings account, investing major cash can be a bad idea. With Acorns, you can dip your toes into the world of investing without having to take substantial risks.



This app could be your go-to financial calculator. Digit calculates your possible savings based on your spending habits and income from a linked bank account. It automatically transfers money that you can afford to save into an insured account which earns 0.10% savings bonuses every three months. Like Qapital and Acorns, this app is great for saving money slowly on the down-low.



You’ll see this app on pretty much every list of money-saving apps, and that’s for good reason. This app is the king of personal finance management. Mint allows users to track all of their personal financial activity from any and all accounts, including checking, savings, retirement, and more. By plugging your accounts into the app (which is safe!) you can track every transaction and get a better idea of your spending patterns. This app won’t directly save you money, but it will visualize where your money is going so you can make better spending choices.



If your self-control when it comes to saving isn’t an issue, you might find PocketGuard to be better suited for your needs. This finance app doesn’t automatically save bits and pieces from your savings account. Rather, it’s a dashboard that helps users visualize their financial standing and can even be used to negotiate your utility bills for lower rates. Easily set goals and track your spare money by calculating your income, spending habits, and financial needs. If you don’t really know what aspects of your spending are eating up your potential savings, PocketGuard can be a great help in managing your finances across bank accounts, credit cards, student loans, and investment accounts.



Another popular app for earning money and saving on shopping expenses, Ibotta is different from your typical shopping savings or coupon platforms. Rather, users will look through different offers in Ibotta’s product gallery and select a task of interest, such as taking surveys or watching ads. Cash for these tasks are then added to your account and can be sent to your PayPal account after you purchase products from one of Ibotta’s retail partners. This isn’t a major money-saver, but if you spend a lot on online shopping, Ibotta can save you some cash.


You Need a Budget

The name is definitely true. Setting a budget should be your first line of defense against excessive spending, which can be a huge roadblock in your way of saving money. You Need a Budget is a great app to use to start your budget! This platform is very easy to use and uses four specific “rules” for saving money: Set a goal for every dollar, save for a special occasion, roll with your financial changes as they come, and live on your last month’s income. Essentially, this app works to help you change the way you approach money management with stress. If you have the budget, we recommend paying for the desktop software and using this app to supplement that.

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