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Did you know that everyone, no matter age, weight, or physical limitations, can benefit from exercise?

Of course, you do. We’re reminded daily through social media, the news, advertisements, etc.

Here’s the thing— we all have different reasons that we want to work out, even if we have a hard time getting started 😳

There are many reasons to get fit:

  • Taking care of our heart
  • Helping to prevent or manage Type II diabetes
  • Sleeping better
  • Enjoying sex
  • Improving our mood to enjoy life more
  • Reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Burning more calories to maintain weight
  • Growing old healthy
  • Feeling good about ourselves.

But no matter how much we intend to get in shape and take care of ourselves, the price of fitness is high. From equipment to apparel and accessories, the amount stops many of us from working out as we intend, from equipment to apparel and accessories.

Well, is about helping you find the best deals to take care of yourself and your family, so with your health and your wallet in mind, keep reading to find out about some excellent fitness deals online.

Fitness Equipment – Discounts Online

1. Fitness Superstore

Fitness Superstore specializes in selling new home-grade and commercial-grade remanufactured equipment.

They are authorized dealers of new top brands providing full manufacturers warranties, and they remanufacture commercial equipment to “like new” condition. All remanufactured equipment comes with a one-year parts & labor warranty and optional extended warranties.

Fitness Superstore provides sales and coupons for % off equipment ongoingly.

They are headquartered in Northern California and ship equipment anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide. In addition, they offer home delivery in the U.S. and Canada.

2. Gym Equipment Experts™

Gym Equipment Experts offer 20 years of experience in the fitness equipment industry.

They sell used, certified & new, and repair equipment, our certified trainers and gym owners, and make it a point to test and analyze the equipment they sell.

They provide fast shipping to your home, account managers 24/7, nationwide parts and labor warranty coverage, installation & assembly services, a 100-day money-back guarantee, and free lifetime certified tech support.

They have a stocked warehouse and offer savings of up to $1000.

3. Kamparts

Kamparts is a reputable company established in 1985. They supply fitness

machines to clubs, hotels, and private homes.

Trust Pilot, as of this writing, has 322 reviews from customers with an average 4.6-star rating.

They give 10% off your first purchase and have a discount program for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

4. Craigslist and Classifieds

Of course, there are always tried and true methods of finding online fitness deals.

Craigslist and the Classifieds in your area are excellent places to find used fitness equipment.

However, if you research equipment this way (and I have bought and sold on Craigslist a lot), there are some things to do to protect yourself during the buying process:

  • First, only deal with sellers in your immediate area.
  • Second, examine the product (fitness equipment) before finalizing a sale.
  • Third, use cash only.
  • Fourth, never share your personal information.

Fitness Apparel– Discounts Online

1. Sportswear Sale

Sportswearsale provides sales and clearance on Gymshark fitness apparel and accessories for women and men.

You can choose from the latest collection and shop for your favorite items.

You can buy with free shipping and returns.

What’s not to love?

2. Best Form Fitness Gear

Best Form Fitness Gear is for the gym rat in you. The logo of cheap tanks, gym shirts, and baggie pants with Powerhouse Gym and World Gym is available.

They even have an Under Five Dollar Fitness Gear section!

Best Form Fitness Gear is a site to keep your eye on and return to so you can always see what’s available.

3. Shein

Shein is known for its affordably priced apparel for all needs. They include clothing for women, men, and women. Their low prices go straight to the customer—from manufacturing to the warehouse and then to you.

They have an entire activewear section with sports sets, tops, and bottoms. You can also find accessories.

On top of already reduced pricing, you can get an extra 15% when you register. In addition, they offer free returns in the *US only.

4. Light in the box

For you cyclers, lightinthebox offers cycling clothing (and more) with clearance pricing.

They have that too if you need accessories such as sports bands, wireless chargers, etc., they have that too!

You can find Coupon Packs for new customers and all amounts of discounts from 10% - 30% and more.

5. Top Brands with Clearance Apparel sites online

The brand names we know and love have online shopping available to purchase clearance and discounted prices on their apparel.

A Final Thought

Fitness is a love/hate relationship for most of us. OK, for some, it’s just hate. 😂

No matter how we feel about fitness, it doesn’t change what’s best for us to live a mentally and physically healthy life.

What’s best is to get out there and do something. So whether you go to a gym, bring the gym into your home, or go on a walk with friends, fitness matters.

I always say, if you’re going to do something, why not do it with the best tools while looking fabulous?

Consider any of the above sites to get the equipment that will help you and the clothes that will make you feel like a million bucks!

Start slow if you need to. There’s no hurry. Just do something to get your heart going.

Here’s to your health and well-being for a very long time!


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