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Are you retired? Semi-retired?

Are you thinking about retiring?

Any of the above can cause us to pause when thinking about what life will look like when we’re no longer working the way we did for 40 years.

So much to think about…

As a retired CSA Certified Senior Advisor, I know that one of the primary considerations for retirees or soon-to-be retirees is what their income will be.

Social security, savings, investments, none…there are many combinations.

One excellent way to reduce stress about your changing income, which could be less than you’re used to, is to earn extra cash online by participating in market research studies.

These studies payout on average $50-$200 per participant.

Please keep reading to learn about and how you can participate in our studies to earn extra cash.

What is is an online service connecting people who want to participate in focus groups and other market research studies all over the United States to earn extra cash.

Collaborating with many companies, we hand-pick and make available 250-300 new Focus Groups, App Installs, Product Testing, Online surveys and Clinical trials each month.

By providing your valuable opinion and insights on new products and services, you help companies meet requirements for bringing their products to market, provide safety oversight, clarify marketing campaigns, and make products better for consumers.

You can find studies throughout the United States and probably in a city or town near you.

By participating with, you can voice your opinion while earning extra cash to help your household daily.

How to Register

Go to


Type in your email, zip code, and password

Fill in your Profile — Name, Zip Code, Birth Year, Gender, let us know which types of studies you would prefer to participate in and that’s it.

Hit the SUBMIT button.

*NOTE—To reduce your time spent scrolling through irrelevant studies, you will be taken to your “Studies for me” page with studies selected based on your profile.

We search for you. Easy peasy!

Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Focus Groups

Focus Groups collect data through interaction.

You can participate in focus groups in your city or state and get paid with no limit on how many groups you can join.

We always have current focus groups listed so you can go over which ones interest you because of your knowledge about a subject or because you want to voice your opinion.

When looking at the lists, you’ll see what the study is, age requirements (you’re OK 😉), the date the study expires, and the payout amount.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are research studies that involve participants testing new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, or treat diseases.

Some clinical trials allow you access to new procedures or treatments and receive high-quality medical care.

The results of the trials you assist in formulating can lead to more advances and may help other people who need specific medical care.

Payouts vary.

App Installs

App Installs are a technique companies use to test the market.

Your eligibility is based on the type of device you use, Android or iPhone.

You can download an app and follow the instructions if you have a smartphone.

It can be exciting and fun, and learning new things is always helpful!

You are more than capable of this installation.

Once you see the list of app installs, choose the ones that interest you, download, install the app on your device, and get paid for doing so!

Payouts vary—some payouts are up to $1000.

*NOTE—there are app installs for Spanish-speaking users.

Online Surveys

The fastest and easiest way to earn extra cash is by participating in online surveys.

Companies looking for honest feedback on topics that affect their business will pay participants to take surveys.

Here’s the untested idea is terrible, so before spending millions of dollars on design, manufacturing, and bringing a product to market, companies must first find out if consumers are even interested in buying it.

These companies spend billions annually on online surveys to help them determine the best logo, the catchiest tagline, or potato chip flavor.

To incentivize you to join the survey, companies offer rewards. We pass these rewards on to you as a member of

Product Testing

By being a product tester, you tell brands what you think of their products and get paid for doing so.

Product testing can be a fun and exciting way to make extra cash.

Your role in testing is to provide feedback to the companies and help them improve their products for consumers.

*NOTE— when you apply for the study and are accepted, you are obligated to test the product when it arrives, so be sure that the product is the one for you.

Final Thought

If you’re retired, semi-retired, or planning your retirement, congratulations!

You’ve worked a long time and contributed to the success of many companies and people through the years.

Now it’s time to do what you want when you want to.

Whether you have a hobby, you’ve wanted to start again, or pick up a new one, or maybe it’s time to sit still and read or watch a favorite program, you’ve earned the time and peace of mind.

We at are committed to making it easy for you to find local research studies and get paid to participate.

This is your time. Take a break and earn extra cash as a member of

Thank you for your years of work.

We’re honored to help you now. ❤️

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