Matrix Research, Inc. ( is working with a large restaurant chain to improve beverage straws and lids. This exciting study takes place in downtown Chicago and Oak Brook the week of September 17th. Day and evening times are available. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE DETAILS BELOW BEFORE APPLYING FOR THIS STUDY. This study is strictly research but it does involve the purchase of a medium or large beverage at one of our two designated fast food restaurants. Enrolled participants will do the following:
-Visit the restaurant at an agreed upon date/time the week of September 17th. This restaurant will be in downtown Chicago or Oakbrook
-Purchase a medium or large drink. This will be either a soda, ice-tea, coffee, etc.
-We will hand you a new lid or straw depending on the type of drink you have.
-You will download a research app to your smartphone and answer some questions and upload photos and a few short videos about your experience with the new straw or lid. This app can be easily deleted once you complete the study.
-Once completed, we will compensate you $50 for your time. This is also meant to cover your drink purchase. This can be paid out via PayPal or check to your preferred address. We are looking for all types of participants including Mom’s with kids. If you are interested in participating, please sign up and take the survey to see if you qualify! We will contact you within the next few days if it appears that you would be a fit for this study. Thank you so much for your interest in research with Matrix Research, Inc.

Published : 09/10/2018
City : Chicago
Pay : $50
Gender : All
Age Range : 18+
Facility : Matrix Research
Expiration Date : 09/16/2018

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