Facts N Figures is currently looking for Males and Females, 18+ years, living in the county of Santa Barbara to participate in a market research study on Saturday, August 18, 2018 for 10 hours (breakfast, lunch, and breaks are provided). Please read all of the details and click on the survey link if you are interested and think you might be a good fit for this study. If you qualify to participate based on your answers, we will call you with additional details. Walk-ins are not accepted. You will be paid $300 for 10 hours of your time and opinions if you participate in group discussion in our Sherman Oaks office. NO SALES ARE INVOLVED! Referrals are welcome! Proof of residence is required. If you are interested in participating, please sign up and take the survey to see if you qualify! If you know someone who would like to participate in this paid research study, please forward the information to them. *Please note: You must complete the entire survey to be considered for this research. Do not call our offices in reference to the research. Walk-ins are not accepted. Only completed surveys will be considered. We will call you if it looks like you pre-qualify to participate in this research.

Published : 07/31/2018
City : Sherman Oaks
Pay : $300
Gender : All
Age Range : 18-70
Facility : Facts n Figures
Expiration Date : 08/17/2018

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