25 Websites to Get Free Beauty Samples

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Wondering where to get free beauty products? Check out these websites to get free beauty samples delivered right to your mailbox. Getting free beauty samples will make you feel beautiful on the inside, and using all of those beauty product samples you get will have you feeling just as beautiful on the outside.

Free Makeup Samples

It’s hard to find the right makeup sometimes. Try before you buy by checking out the free makeup samples available from the following sites.


Estee Lauder It’s pretty amazing how many products Estee Lauder lets you sample. Choose among cosmetics, skincare products, fragrances, and more. Add the ones you want and create an Estee Lauder account to get them sent to you.


MAC If you use MAC cosmetic products then you should definitely take advantage of the BACK 2 MAC recycling program. Bring back your empty makeup containers and you’ll get a free standard MAC lipstick of your choice.


Nordstrom Nordstrom offers tons of high-end gifts and freebies that you can add to your order. The beauty of Nordstrom’s free samples is that you can get products from all of the top luxury brands.


Sephora Sephora is one of the most popular places to get beauty product samples from. You can choose from a selection of fabulous free beauty samples to add to your order through the link.


Too Faced There’s nothing two faced about the free beauty products offer from Too Faced. You can select two free samples with your order at checkout.


Ulta Beauty Ulta has some of the most ultimate freebie offers on the internet. Follow the link to see the latest makeup and beauty products you can get for free with your order.

Free Skincare Samples

Treat your skin to the very best free skincare samples available. You’ll be amazed at the skin products you can get for free from the list of sites below.

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Baebody Your eyes are an important part of your skincare routine. Try a free sample of Baebody Beauty Eye Gel, one of its best selling products.


Bionyx Bionyx is an up-and-coming high-end skincare brand that is definitely worth trying out. You can get two free samples of their popular Platinum Essential Day Cream.


CeraVe Try CeraVe’s bestselling, highly-rated Moisturizing Cream for free. This powerful cream works to restore and protect your natural skin barrier for healthy, smooth looking skin.


Clinique Your skin is in great hands if you’re using Clinique. That’s even more true given you can get a bunch of free deluxe samples and freebie gifts from their site all the time. Check out Clinique’s latest beauty product samples.


Kiehl’s claims to be one of the first beauty brands to offer free samples and it’s still doing it to this day. What’s great about Kiehl’s is you can choose which products you want to sample when you checkout.


La Roche Posay If you’re looking for fabulous suncare products, you can’t go wrong with La Roche Posay. They’re currently sending out free samples of SPF Face Moisturizer. Keep checking back as they update with new free beauty products often.


L’Occitane How do you say ‘free’ in French? Luckily you don’t need to know the language to get great free beauty product offers from the beloved French skincare brand L’Occitane. They frequently post new free product offers, so keep checking back to get all of the best ones.


Monu Skincare Skincare isn’t only about having breathtaking looking skin. It’s also important to feel good, which is exactly what Monu Skincare hopes to achieve with its specially designed skincare products. Request a free sample box through the link.


SkinCeuticals When you really need to rejuvenate your skin, you’re going to want to try SkinCeuticals powerful skin serum. They’ll send you a free sample based on your particular skin concern.


The Body Shop They say your body is a temple, and The Body Shop is acting accordingly by treating it to great free product and sample offers. It’s constantly updated with great new offers.


Vichy Sometimes your skin just needs a reset. That’s where Vichy Mineral 89 comes in. It’s a powerful hyaluronic acid moisturizer that strengthens and repairs skin. Grab a free sample of it by filling out a short form.

Free Haircare Samples

Hair can be fussy sometimes. Treat it to some wonderful free haircare samples from some of the best hair care brands and then see if it complains.


Aveda Not only does Aveda offer wonderful hair care products, they’re constantly running free product offers that are more substantial than the sample packets you usually get.


L’Oreal You may be more familiar with L’Oreal for its makeup, best rest assured they make fabulous hair care products too. You’ll find frequent offers for free beauty samples and free hair care samples through the linked page.

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Mane ‘n Tail Sometimes the best product is the one that’s been around the longest, and Mane ‘n Tail has been taking care of hair for decades. Try the classic brand out for yourself with a free sample.


Garnier This top hair care brand frequently runs free sample offers, so make sure to check back often to try out new free products.

Free Fragrance Samples

Do you smell that? It’s the glorious aroma of free fragrance samples.


Hermes It’s rare to be able to get a free sample from such a high-luxury brand like Hermes online, which is why you should definitely take advantage of the offer. The last question in the “Availability” section of the FAQs will tell you how to request a free fragrance sample.


Macy’s Bring the beauty counter to you by getting some great free beauty samples from Macy’s. Browse from a huge selection of freebies that you can add to your online order.


MaxAroma Looking for the perfect aroma? MaxAroma is sampling Precious Liquid fragrances. Click the “Sign Up” button in the post to get two free fragrance samples.


Mugler Smell like an angel with one of Mugler’s latest fragrances, Angel Nova. Click “Sign Up” on the post to get this incredible free fragrance sample.

And finally

With all of these great ideas, be sure to do your due diligence when going to a site. Also, be sure to check the studies on FocusGroups.org - many of these companies are doing research when launching a new product and you can get paid to participate. Ready? Set. Go!

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