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Who doesn’t love free samples? We all love free samples!

I remember being so excited by the surprise bags I got when I was little and left a party. They were called “gift bags,” “party bags,” “tchotchke bags,” “party favors,” etc.

After having fun at the party, the host (or their mom) would give you one on the way out to thank you for coming.

I never made it into the car. I looked in the bag as I was going down the front steps. Great memories.

Now that we’re over 18 years of age, we can get those bags again without doing much work. Today we call them free samples.

Keep reading and find out how to get free samples by mail to your door from the Daily Goodie Box.

What is Daily Goodie Box?

Daily Goodie Box is a company that sends boxes of full-size free samples by mail to your door for your feedback after trying them.

It’s a free service that costs no money. Really. Not even shipping costs.

Goodie Box contracts with more than 300 brand manufacturers to distribute over 400 of their products (full-size ones) and receive feedback from consumers. The feedback informs these companies on how to market and improve their products.

Even though it costs them, the purpose of giving away freebies is betting that the improvements based on feedback will reap revenue that exceeds the expense of giving away free stuff.

Most of their products are health & beauty and first aid products.

Some of the products featured in Goodie Boxes include Yankee Candle, Summer Skincare, Pampered Chef, and more!

According to Trustpilot, a top third-party customer review site, Daily Goodie Box receives 96% Excellent reviews, a 4.9-star rating out of 1,419 reviews.

Given the purpose and process of Daily Goodie Box, along with excellent reviews, keep reading to learn how to get yours!

How to Receive Your Daily Goodie Box

Your first step is to sign up on their website. You can do this at They’ll ask for details about yourself, including your name and address.

Again, signing up is free, so you don’t have to provide any credit card information.

*NOTE—You must live in the U.S. to collect your Goodie Box.

To receive a Daily Goodie Box, you follow their social media accounts. They follow comments, engage with their followers, and randomly select winners to receive their complimentary box. If you’re chosen, you’ll receive a reply to your comment letting you know.

You can reach them via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

As a reminder, Daily Goodie Box will send your box of free samples by mail to your address free of charge!

When you’ve received your product from them, you try it and provide feedback. You provide your review on their website, and it doesn’t take long.

Once they receive your review, they will make it available to the brand manufacturer.

*Important point—while leaving a review isn’t mandatory to receive your first Goodie Box, they will track whether they received a review from you or not. If you don’t give the review, you will not be eligible to receive future boxes.

Daily Goodie Box Customer Feedback

To satisfy any need you may have to know what others say about the Daily Goodie Box, here are some customer reviews—

Getting a Goodie Box is like opening a Christmas present-you never know what all will be in there, but it sure is fun to find out! This time was tea, electrolyte drink mix, and a few other things. Trying out new products helps me branch out & not stick to my tried-and-true items. I usually find something I would love to keep buying! ~ Wendy.

This box was unique in a few ways. I have never seen Banana Milk, and some of the other products were a little different from what we usually see. However, my family and I had a lot of fun trying the products. They even found a couple of new favorites to add. ~ Sarri B.

I loved everything in this month’s box! ~ Alison T.

A Final Thought

I started this blog by stating that we all love free samples. After finishing it, I’m more in love with free samples than before. How about you?

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by being a member of Daily Goodie Box. For very little time spent, a little engagement on social media, and giving your opinion, you can receive full-size samples delivered to your door free!

Think back to those birthday parties and the joy you felt getting the goodie bag at the end—the rush of excitement by the unknown and the pure sense of fun anticipating what would be in the bag. You can have that again with the Daily Goodie Box.

Sign up and receive yours today!

Enjoy your boxes! 🌺

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