A Review of LifePoints


Most of us are always looking for ways to earn some extra money in our spare time. 

If you’ve been researching easy ways to make money online, you’ve probably come across LifePoints and are wondering what it is and whether it’s legit. 

We’ve answered some of your questions below, so you know what you’ll be getting when you sign up! 

A Bit About The Company

LifePoints is an accumulation of two platforms: MySurvey and Lightspeed. 

Lightspeed is one of the originals when it comes to market research and conducting surveys having been in operation since the 1940s! 

Based in Hamilton, California; LifePoints is a well-established name in the research field, (the world’s largest provider, in fact!) there’s not much they don’t know when it comes to carrying out market research. 

Bringing things back to the present day and LifePoints has a community of around 5 million members from 70 countries all around the world. It has a huge Facebook following and around 170,000 Instagram followers

What Will You Find Inside When You Sign up With LifePoints?

At the heart of it, LifePoints is a survey website

More than that though, it is offered as a community of people who enjoy sharing their views and opinions on topics that are important to them.

LifePoints offers its people an opportunity to have their say on how brands they like, and use can improve their services. 

This versatility and choice are what sets LifePoints apart from other survey websites. 

The best bit? You can get rewards for doing so! 

Alongside surveys, you can participate in other activities such as: 

  • Competitions 
  • Giveaways 
  • Collecting rewards giving opinions whenever you shop, eat out or use a service! 
  • Product testing 
  • Tracking consumer behavior 

Can You Make Money With LifePoints?

Yes, you can! 

As well as money there are prizes and monthly giveaways in the social media community of popular items such as Amazon vouchers, PlayStations, and TVs. 

With LifePoints, you get points for your activities. For example, simply signing up gets you 10 free “LifePoints” added to your account. 

How many points you get for each task will vary but it is common to receive around 30 – 100 points for each activity. 

What are some of the other ways you can make money on LifePoints?

  • Surveys 

LifePoints surveys allow you to contribute your opinion on things that affect you in your daily life. They can be about anything from shopping to travel and finances. 
You’ll receive invitations to take a survey by email and you can complete it whenever you feel like it within the window in which the survey is open to participants. 
Surveys will vary in length but generally, they tend to be around 10-15 minutes long.
They will vary in the level of rewards depending on the complexity, length, and urgency of the survey. 
With surveys, it can be frustrating when you are filling them out and find yourself disqualified due to not being a suitable candidate – especially when you’ve already invested some time! 
The great thing about LifePoints is that, if you find yourself disqualified, they will still award you a few points for your time. 

  • Mini polls 

These are just quick and easy polls that usually ask one or two questions and offer you a few points for your time. While it won’t get you 100s of points at a time, a few points do add up! 

  • Product testing 

This is something that makes LifePoints unique. 
You can earn a good amount of points by testing products. 
LifePoints will send you a product for free for you to test and you then provide your feedback on your experience with it! 
It's unlikely that you’ll be able to test hundreds of products every month, but this is a fun and interesting opportunity to do every once in a while.

Give some real feedback on specific products while earning points and receiving a free product! Cool, right? 

How Does Payment Work?

To be able to request a payout, you need to have a minimum of 550 LifePoints in your account.

550 points are equivalent to about $5. 
The two main ways that you can spend your money are through a PayPal payment or a gift certificate. 

You need to have 1,200 points available before you can request a PayPal payment.
1,200 is the equivalent of about $10 when credited to your PayPal account.  

Gift Certificate 
The gift cards will be e-cards and LifePoints offers lots of major retailers such as Amazon and Starbucks. You can exchange 550 points for a gift card which is a great way to treat yourself to a free coffee! 

If you’re just interested in giving your opinion for free, you can also kindly donate your points to a charity like Unicef. 
If you request a gift certificate or a PayPal credit, you should expect to wait around 10 days to receive your payout. 
It’s also a good idea to spend your points regularly rather than saving them up for too long as they do expire after a certain amount of time! 

Is LifePoints Legit?

As mentioned above, LifePoints is an amalgamation of companies that have been around for decades. As a big name in the world of market research, it’s safe to say that it's not a scam. 

LifePoints is free to sign up to and doesn’t make you any crazy promises of becoming a millionaire through using it. 

It is advertised as a way to offer your insights and opinions and be compensated for your time and effort. 

How much you can make through LifePoints really depends on how much you enjoy completing surveys and how much time you have to spare to dedicate to the process. 

With a few million people in its community, LifePoints is a legit website. 

Is LifePoints a Good Way To Make Some Extra Money?

If you have some spare time and enjoy taking surveys, LifePoints may be a good fit for you!

It’s not going to make you hundreds of dollars every month and you’ll probably be disappointed if you expect these results.

Looking to pay for a coffee every so often? Great! 

LifePoints is also unique in its offerings of product testing and consumer behavior tracking. 

If you’ve got some time free and are looking for something to do, sign up here to LifePoints and join a community of like-minded people.

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