Media Rewards App Explained


Have you ever had a side hustle? You know, a secondary way to make money outside of the regular job you hold?

There are many ways to make extra cash these days with side hustles.

First, the familiar ones are delivering food and groceries, tutoring, ridesharing, dog walking, etc. Less known ones include participating in focus groups, research studies, and surveys are a few ways to do this.

Media Rewards is one of many opportunities in the market for you to provide information in return for cash and prizes. You can consider it a side hustle.

Keep reading 👇🏻, and I’ll explain everything you need to know about Media Rewards so you can decide if their app is a possible way for you to increase your income.

What is Media Rewards?

Media Rewards is a passive app for your smartphone. ☎️ Using the app while watching TV, YouTube, and listening to the radio on your phone allows you to earn cash prizes.

You can download the Media Rewards app onto your iOS and Android smartphone. There are two ways to sign up.

*NOTE—There are limited spaces each month for new users

  1. Download the app on your smartphone and fill out your profile to qualify.
  2. Then, go to their website, put your email address where prompted, and follow the instructions.

How Does Media Rewards Work?

Once you have the app, are qualified, and are chosen to work with them, you can begin.

What does ‘begin’ mean? In this case, you don’t have to do anything actively. Once the app is downloaded, it works silently in the background on your phone. Media Rewards says that their app only uses 1% of battery per hour and less than 100kB of data per day.

What Can You Win and How Do You Win?

  1. You can win monthly prizes. For every five seconds, the app is turned on and active, you can earn points. The points go toward entries to win prizes. 🏆
  2. You can take surveys for gift cards. Unfortunately, the opportunities to fill out surveys in the app are only occasional. In addition, you’ll need to use the app for eight weeks before you become eligible for surveys.

Gift cards are rewarded for filling out a survey. The gift card options include Best Buy, Amazon, and more. In addition, you’ll receive a link via email not long after you’ve finished filling out a survey.

How To Collect Payment and Rewards 🏆 💴

Every month $2000 in prizes is awarded—One prize for $1000, five prizes of $100, and ten prizes of $50. These winners are published monthly on the Media Rewards website. 💰

All cash prizes are paid out using PayPal within 14 days of the announced winners.

Keeping the Media Rewards app installed on your smartphone gives you the chance to win cash via the monthly sweepstakes.

Media Rewards will email you a link to a gift card if you’re selected to take a survey.

Concerns about Privacy 🕵🏽‍

Any concern you might have about your privacy is legitimate. Media Rewards takes your privacy very seriously.

  • They use fully GDPR-compliant technology.
  • They don’t share any personally identifiable information about you.
  • Your data sharing is fully anonymized.
  • Data collected is aggregated to produce market research reports.
  • And finally, Media rewards won’t use your personal information other than to communicate with you.

Referral Program 👨‍👧

A referral program can boost your chances of winning a prize in the monthly cash sweepstakes.

When you refer a friend to the Media Rewards App and install it, it rewards you with a Points Accelerator. This means that the number of points you earn per five seconds will be multiplied.

Also, if your referral wins a reward in the monthly sweepstakes, you’ll be awarded the same reward. They track your referrals with your unique referral link in your account.

Is Support Available If You Need It?

A FAQ page explains how the app works and answers general questions.

If the FAQ page doesn’t answer your question or technical issues, you can contact their customer support by emailing [email protected].

The Pros and Cons of Media Rewards


  • Earning rewards is effortless
  • PayPal is used to pay cash rewards
  • High rewards, cash, and gift cards are available
  • You are prequalified for any survey you’re offered


  • Earnings are limited
  • Because you can win awards doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to win them

A Final Thought 💭

Media Rewards are legitimate and provide the possibility of earning cash and gift cards. Reminder, earnings are not guaranteed, but it is worth it for the ease of participating.

If you’re looking for an easy way to win cash and gift cards, Media Rewards is as easy as it comes.

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