Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel - App Review

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What is Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel?

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is an app owned by Nielsen, the world’s leading media and marketing information based on consumer feedback.

Their “panelists” are people worldwide in over 100 countries whose internet usage via smartphones and tablets provides information that Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel uses to get the market research information they need for clients. 

Because the product and service design, manufacturing, and placement markets are fiercely competitive, with everyone fighting for a bigger slice of cake, paying attention to consumer data is the essential tool to get that slice.  How well a company does depends on consumers and their interests and buying habits. This is where you come in.

Why join and participate?

95% of the world’s population owns mobile phones, and 90% of the phones are internet-ready.

Your unique internet usage via your phone gives Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel a snapshot into the larger picture of consumer internet behavior. Your internet usage tells them what sites you visit, how long you stay on those sites, what videos you watch, and much more.

Your participation enables market research and gives companies the feedback they need to decide how they’ll bring their products and services to the general public.  

You can earn cash and rewards by joining Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel as a panelist and making a difference in the types of products and services we all can buy.

Keep reading to learn how to participate, what cash & rewards are available, and the pros and cons of engaging as a consumer advocate.

How to join

Signing up is a quick, easy, and free process. This is what you’ll need:

  1. Sign up and confirm your email
  2. Answer a few questions about your demographic information.
  3. Let them know what devices you want to register.
  4. Install the app on your devices of choice.

Three notes of interest:

  1. I set up the app on my phone, including installation, and it took me 16 minutes from start to finish.
  2. You may want to use a secondary email to keep your primary one free from clutter.  Nielsen doesn’t sell information to third parties, but I always recommend using a second email for one-time purchases, online money-making accounts, or just expressing interest in something.
  3. You, understandably, may be wary of allowing Nielsen to harvest your data via their app.  Be assured; you stay anonymous.

What Information Does Nielsen Collect?

The data collected includes:

  • The websites you visit and how long you stay on them
  • The time of day you visited
  • Your general online activity and internet usage
  • The day, time, and length of phone calls, but not the number you call or the numbers that call you.
  • General information about your device battery

Nielsen isn’t interested in:

  • Your banking information, IDs, or passwords, and they do not ask for your social security number!
  • Any of your information to sell to a third party

What are the payment and rewards? How are they collected?

Once you’ve registered your device with Nielsen and downloaded the app, you can start earning points throughout the year.  You can redeem the points collected for prizes and gift cards.  Nielsen will also give you *$50.00/year to continue participating.

*Note: The $50.00 is total per household, not per device.

Redeem points by your device as you usually would, and you will see points accumulate over time.  You can check your points by looking at the app.

Once you reach 800 points, you’re able to redeem a $5 gift card.  Your points accumulate to your account monthly, and the gift card you choose will be mailed to you when you redeem it.  There is no option for cash, but selling your gift card(s) is an option at sites like CardCash and Gift Card Granny.

The Pros and Cons of Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel Review


  • You can earn passive income by being on your device(s)
  • There is no fee to join, and Nielsen will never ask you for a credit card number or purchase anything.
  • As a participant, you have a chance to win $10,000 in their monthly giveaway.  They offer other opportunities for prizes depending on the devices you register.
  • You earn points as you use your device to redeem prizes and gift cards. 
  • Nielsen, the parent company, earns an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • They have a version open for Spanish-speakers only - open to both Desktop and Mobile!


  • You can only make up to $50/year (unless you win the monthly giveaway)
  • Certain demographic or geographic information about you may exclude you from being a panelist.
  • You can’t count on Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel as a constant source of income.

A final thought

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is legitimate. You have the opportunity to make money without doing anything different than average, and you can contribute to making a difference in how products and services come to market for all of us! 

If you choose to move forward and join their panel, thank you in advance! Join Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel Today!

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