Tellwut Survey Panel Review


My following review is to continue supporting you in your efforts to earn rewards and give you my opinion on Tellwut.

Tellwut is a survey site that offers its members the opportunity to answer surveys. Tellwut stands for “Tell us what you think,” which is clever. Tellwut Corporation, a Canadian market research company based in Toronto, developed and currently runs Tellwut.

Tellwut is legitimate.

  • Trustpilot - 4.5/5 stars = Excellent
  • BBB - A+ Rating ( at the time of this review, there is a current alert - unauthorized individuals are using Tellwut Corp’s business name to operate a fake check scam. The BBB suggests that consumers exercise extreme caution when responding to unsolicited correspondence regarding secret shopping, lottery, sweepstakes, etc.)

Keep reading to learn more about Tellwut and the opportunities available for you to earn rewards!

How Do You Join Tellwut?

Start by doing the following:

  • Create an account, which includes filling out a short application, = 100 points
  • Complete shipping information, required because your first reward, as well as, others will be mailed to your home address = 100 points
  • Complete your Personal Information Profile, such as education completed, marital status, etc. = 25 points (you can skip this and return to it at a later date)
  • Complete your Interest Profile = 100 points (you can skip this and return to it at a later date)

A total of 250 points is available for registering and completing all your profiles.

*NOTE - They only permit one account per household. If you attempt to create multiple accounts, they will close your account—Canada and US residents only.

Once registered, your account page looks something like this.

As soon as you’ve registered, you can select from high point surveys, fun surveys, or referring friends, and you can check your point balance any time. You don’t have to wait for an email invitation to participate.

Available surveys show up, as seen below, including the number of points available, the estimated time required to complete the survey, and whether you can access the survey on your phone.

Most surveys only take around 30 seconds or less to complete. Your points are awarded once the survey is closed, not when you finish. In other words, you can finish a survey, but if it’s not yet closed, you may have to wait for your points to show up.

You can also earn ten easy points by taking part in the daily poll. When I registered, the Daily Survey was on National Egg Day. They asked me just a few questions, and I got ten points. Great!

How Do You Get Paid?

Tellwut awards between 15-2000 points when you take a survey depending on the time and effort required. Your options for surveys include answering a *member-generated survey, creating an approved public study of your own, or answering an external survey.

*NOTE - One thing that makes Tellwut stand out from other survey sites is you, as a member, can create your own surveys. They can be anything from serious business research you need to conduct to fun surveys getting people’s opinions on any host of topics, such as the best female singer of all time.

You can redeem your rewards starting at 4,000 points = $10.00 and then again at 10,000 points = $25.00.

You get paid by exchanging the points earned by taking surveys for retail gift vouchers. The number of points you bank can be exchanged for different rewards. For example,

  • In the U.S., you need 4,000 points to get a $10 Amazon gift card and 13,000 points for a $25 prepaid Visa debit card.
  • In Canada, it’s 6,000 points for a $15 Amazon gift card and 10,000 points for a $25 Home Depot gift card.

Gift cards are available in $10, $15, and $20 for various retail brands - Amazon, Sephora, Walmart, etc. You can even get merchandise!

What are the Pros and Cons of Tellwut?


  • Earn points right away by creating an account and completing your registration.
  • Earn points for referring friends.
  • There’s no disqualification from surveys like many other survey sites.
  • You can choose the length of surveys to try to earn more points.
  • They offer weekly contests that might help increase your points earned.


  • Redeeming points starts high at 4,000
  • There are some complaints that it takes too much time to get to 4000 points.
  • You can only redeem gift cards, no cash or PayPal reimbursements.
  • There’s only one account per household allowed.

A Final Thought

With a first-time reward threshold of 4000 points, it will take a while to get there if you’re only planning to play sporadically. In this case, other survey sites provide rewards at a lower threshold.

If you have plenty of time and want to play a lot, then Tellwut might be just right. You can take fun surveys, make your own, and enter contests.

Overall, Tellwut is an easy platform with lots of fun surveys, but you shouldn’t have high expectations about making a lot of money fast.

Have fun!

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