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Want to get paid for your opinions? YouGov is a globally trusted market research service with millions of users, and it’s always open to new members.

YouGov is one of the most frequently cited research sources by the press, and the most quoted market research source in the UK. What does that mean, exactly? It means your feedback through YouGov is seen --not just by the press-- but by the world.

Since the beginning, YouGov has been leading the charge in accuracy, innovation, and relevancy. YouGov was founded in the United Kingdom in 2000, by Stephan Shakespeare and Nadhim Zahawi, who first met while working in British politics. YouGov remains based in London, with offices all over the world.

Just a year later, YouGov was making headlines: YouGov made the most accurate prediction concerning the 2001 UK General Election, the first of many predictions that would launch them into the mainstream.

Today, news outlets commonly reference online research companies like YouGov. They provide a direct line to people’s real problems, with data representing all ages and socio-economic groups. It’s part of YouGov’s mission: To create a constant stream of information for organizations all over the world, leading to more informed decisions.

YouGov has only become more relevant since its early days, and more trusted by the public. Starting with just 1,000 members in 2000, YouGov has grown to over 11 million active members thanks to a simple interface and enticing rewards.

That’s right, YouGov rewards you for being a member: It’s as easy as signing up, completing surveys, and getting rewarded. Let’s review YouGov’s process and features, to understand how it really works.

How Does it Work?

First, make an account here. Just provide an email and create a password: Then you’re on your way to getting paid with YouGov. You’ll receive 5-7 surveys per week. Completing surveys will earn you points, which can be redeemed for gift cards, and cash. You can also use your points to enter lotteries, increasing your chances of a payout. That’s all it takes!

YouGov surveys cover politics, public affairs, products, brands, and other topics of general interest. Questions are simple, and most surveys take only 5-7 minutes to complete. Surveys are designed to be simple and easy to get through, allowing you to complete as many as possible: That means more rewards in your pocket!

Most surveys award 300-500 points, but depending on the length, they can offer more. Every 1,400 points equal $1, and when you first sign up you’ll receive a survey worth 2,000 points to get you started. It’s a great way to earn extra money, just by giving your opinions on popular topics.

Referring to a friend not only helps strengthen YouGov’s data, it benefits you as well: Send a custom link to someone you know, and once they complete 6 surveys, 200 points will be added to your account.

Community is at the core of YouGov, and the ‘Opinions’ feature gives you a chance to share that burning thought on the latest movie, sporting event, and whatever else interests you. Other users can vote and interact with your opinions, and pretty soon you’ll have your own data to analyze! Whether you’re taking surveys or connecting with other members, YouGov is focused on an efficient and rewarding user experience.

The Daily Agenda

Each day of the week, YouGov asks questions on current events through the Daily Agenda: It’s a quick way to get public opinion on popular topics, and a great way for members to establish opinions on the biggest news stories.

Anyone can participate in The Daily Agenda polls, even non-members, and the results are sent out at the end of each day via the YouGov Daily email newsletter and tweeted from YouGov's Twitter account. Working with YouGov is a great way to expand your knowledge, while also forming opinions on the latest stories. The Daily Agenda makes sure you’ll always have something to think about and respond to.

Is YouGov Legit?

With over 11 million registered members worldwide, don’t worry about being scammed with YouGov. Responses are used for statistical purposes only, and YouGov won’t send you ANY third party emails.

Not only that: Signing up is free, and YouGov will never charge or ask you to subscribe to anything. You can see the results of many different surveys on YouGov’s homepage, but member responses are always confidential. For example, a survey result might read: “50% of homeowners prefer Brand X.” YouGov takes privacy seriously.

For 21 years YouGov has been leading the way in market research, with 37 offices and operations in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, and many more. Your responses with YouGov are secure, and part of an industry-leading legacy. YouGov surveys are constantly making headlines, and A Pew Research Center study concluded that YouGov “consistently outperforms competitors on accuracy.” Their results are trusted by major brands and news networks, and informed by the opinions of real people.

YouGov Pulse

Looking to get more involved --and earn more rewards-- with YouGov? A simple download of the YouGov Pulse app to your smartphone or desktop, and you’re ready to earn even more points. YouGov Pulse tracks and anonymizes internet usage, to show how real people use the internet. What does that mean for you? After downloading the app, leave it running in the background while you search the internet and use apps, and you’ll start earning points.

YouGov Pulse never collects your secure information, such as emails, passwords, or payment information. The only data collected is what websites are accessed, and on which devices. YouGov Pulse can be downloaded to multiple devices to increase the amount of points earned, and you can pause the app at any time through your device’s privacy settings. Letting it run in the background of multiple devices is the best way to maximize points earned, and in no time you’ll be earning more rewards than ever.

Having problems downloading YouGov Pulse, or simply want to know more about YouGov? Check out YouGov’s FAQ, and sign up to start shaping the news.

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