12 Ways to Save Money During the Summer

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It’s summer! We are all waiting for the days to get longer, and the weather warmer. It’s a great time to get outside in the sun, feel the warmth on our skin, and, of course, spend a little more money than we should.

In the nice weather, we tend to want to get out more and do more fun things such as going on vacation, going to amusement parks, eating out, working on house projects, etc.

All of these activities cost money, right? But, did you know there are ways to save money so you can spend more on all the fun things you want to do?

Keep reading, and I’ll give you ideas that will help you save money during the summer. You can start implementing some of these ideas now!

1. Change Your AC Habit

Did you know that most of the energy used in our homes goes toward our heating and cooling?

Turning your AC up just one degree can save you 3% annually on your electricity bill and let you save money this summer.

However, instead of worrying about setting your AC correctly to save the 3%, consider installing a programmable thermostat. There are many brands to choose from, and the price of one will easily make up for the amount you’re saving on your utility bill.

2. Invite Your Family and Friends over for Some Fun

To save money this summer, don’t go out as much. Instead, invite your family and friends over for fun and food!

There are so many activities you can do that cost far less than going out. Activities such as watching a movie, having a barbeque - make it a potluck meal, get an inexpensive blow-up pool to sit in, have a game night, and more.

3. Plant a Garden

Start planting some vegetables and save money this summer at the grocery store. Homegrown veggies are pesticide-free, and you get some great exercise while working in your garden. What’s not to love?

According to The Pennyhoarder, a backyard garden can save you $500 in groceries.

A small financial investment in seeds, some exercise, and a good dose of sun (with sunscreen on) can yield savings through the summer months.

4. Cook Outside

Cooking outside can relieve your house of excess heat that has nowhere to go. So instead of using your oven, consider taking your meal outside. Have a barbeque, lay down a blanket and make it into a picnic! Invite neighbors and friends to join you.

As a lover of all things dessert, I can’t help but also give you some great recipes for “camping desserts.” If you’re already outside, why not make a yummy dessert while you’re there?

5. Dry Your Laundry Outside

If you’re able to hang your laundry outside (not all HOAs or rental properties allow this), it’s an excellent way to save money on your utility bill, and you’ll love how fresh your clothes will smell after drying in the sun.

If you can’t hang your clothes outside, use your dryer on the lowest setting, only run them through once, and let them air dry the rest of the way.

*NOTE - You can also wash your clothes in cold water. By using cold water, you’re using less energy to heat your water. Your clothes will still get clean in cold water.

6. Change Out Your Filters

Changing filters is an excellent annual project and doing it at the start of the warm months is a smart move to save money during the summer.

Dirty filters slow the efficiency of airflow, which means you’re running your AC more and racking up higher utility bills.

7. Shop Sales

If you need to purchase new items for the house, including appliances, personal electronics, or maybe some outdoor furniture, summer is a good time to do this.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day sales. You might even find things on sale from the winter you can purchase for the coming cold season.

8. Put A Pause On Your Gym Membership

In the warmer weather, try and continue your workouts outside. Take a jog around the neighborhood, check out your area’s local area public pool to swim some laps, find a fitness class or yoga class on YouTube.

Check your gym’s contract and see how long you can pause your membership. For example, if you can pause for 1-3 months, that could save you $100’s!

9. Hold Out for the Tax-Free Weekend and Save

Find out when your state is participating in the tax-free weekend for all the best back-to-school buys. Then, wait until that weekend to buy anything considered a school supply—for example, books, computers, clothes.

10. Shop at Dollar Stores If You Haven’t Already

Are you planning a road trip? Are you sending someone to camp? Dollar stores offer excellent prices on treats that you’re used to buying for much more at your neighborhood grocery store.

Stock up at your local dollar store and always have something to grab at home, so you’re not buying overpriced yummies on your weekly shopping trip or, if you’re like me, buying them at the gas station convenience store when I’m on my way somewhere. Don’t buy them. Bring them!

11. Look for great vacation discounts.

If you’re planning a trip, take time to explore where the deals are. Airlines, hotels, rental cars, and fun tourist spots want you to use their services, and they will do all they can to get you.

*NOTE - Don’t confuse “discount” with “low quality.” There are plenty of high-quality opportunities offering discounts.

Go to Wellkeptwallet.com for their list of “Best Discount Travel Websites”, along with links to each.

12. Check Out Airbnb for Travel

This one is a personal favorite of mine. Once I realized that room service and turndown service didn’t matter to me and spent more of my time out of the hotel room than I do in it, I looked into Airbnb.com Wow. Traveling became less stressful because of the money I saved in staying at an Airbnb.

I have stayed in beautiful urban, suburban, and rural areas in the U.S. and Europe. I found them to be clean, safe, and enjoyable.

*NOTE - You must do your due diligence. Check them out thoroughly. Look at the area and check reviews. Your safety and well-being are a top priority.

Final Thoughts

Since starting to write this blog, I’ve already adopted a few of the ideas! We changed our filters, and I’ve hung some shirts outside to dry in the sun. They aren’t only about saving money during the summer; they’re common sense.

I hope you also find them helpful in your effort to save money for the summer.

It’s beautiful outside, and the world is waiting for you, so start now, save some money, and have a great summer!

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