The Best Places to Find Medical Equipment Discounts



Have you or anyone you know ever needed medical equipment?

You know, that fall on the ice, tripping on the curb, a car accident, chronic illness, or end-of-life care.

Home medical equipment can make a person’s life easier, promote faster healing, and encourage good mental health through difficult times.

In addition, when needed, home medical equipment supports patients and their caregivers.

However, purchasing equipment from ankle braces, crutches, chiropractic pillows, blood pressure monitors, shower chairs, and hospital beds can cause overwhelm and confusion for many.

If you’ve ever needed medical equipment and looked at the prices, you’ll want to keep reading because I will share with you some excellent places to get online discounts on medical equipment.

What is Home Medical Equipment?

A home medical device, or equipment, offers convenience, effectiveness, and safety and is designed for patients in their home environment.

The growth in home medical equipment has grown because of the increase in chronic diseases around the globe and the increase in the geriatric population worldwide.

The statistics provided by Allied Market Research about the home medical equipment market state:

The global home medical equipment market was valued at $30,545.34 million in 2019 and is estimated to reach $56,457.87 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 6.1% from 2020 to 2027.

As you can see, there are many reasons throughout your long life, or the life of someone you love, to find a need for medical equipment.

The following is a list of medical equipment suppliers and their discounts.

Discounted Medical Equipment Providers

  • Coupon.Co

At you will find a host of categories: Health and Fitness. If you type in “mountainside medical equipment” and hit Search, you will land on a page where you can choose SHOP NOW.

When you select SHOP NOW, you will land on a page with all kinds of medical equipment at discounted prices.

They offer free shipping on all US orders over $100.

  • Retail Me Not is an affiliate supplier, which means that if you buy from them, they may earn a commission.

Retail Me Not has as many as 300 products on its site, and at the bottom of its landing page, you will find other recommended stores for medical supplies coupons and promo codes.

Their tagline is, “Never miss another deal.”

They offer a price match guarantee, up to 31% savings, and free shipping on orders over $100.

  • is another excellent place to find discounted medical supplies for both medical environment and home use.

On their home page, they give a code to use when making purchases and promote 5% off on orders over $35.

  • Health Products for You’s mission is to make health products and a healthy lifestyle accessible and affordable for everyone. They’ve been around for 19 years, and INC. 5000 recognizes them as one of the fastest-growing companies. They have a BBB A+ rating and 92K reviews from happy customers.

You can get a 7% discount on any subscribed item to auto-reorder and up to 10% off your first three purchases.

  • MDSupplies is available to professionals and consumers alike.

MDSupplies has over 30,000 products, offering a wide array of brands. Their vision is to save customers on average 50% on the same medical equipment you may purchase from your local pharmacy.

They have a 4.9/5 rating from Google Customer Reviews.

No memberships are required, and they sell directly to the public.

  • is a hub for discounts and deals from 4000+ brands.

Their platform serves members of the military, first responders, students, teachers, government workers, medical professionals, and nurses.

You select your group from a dropdown menu on the right side of the landing page.

If you’re a member of these groups, you can access exclusive group discounts.

You can receive 15% to 50% discounts on products from YETI, Mattress Firm, Verizon, and many more.

  • American Quality Health Products offers a Lowest Price Guarantee on specific products and employs a staff of customer service agents to help you over the phone or online.

They are a BBB Accredited business with an A rating, receive five stars from Verified Reviews, and offer free shipping on orders over $100.

  • Always Reliable Medical Staffing – Discounts for healthcare workers is a full-service medical staffing and recruitment agency. They also provide health care workers discounts and deals.

The discounts include apparel, health and wellness, dining, gas and auto, retail, and technology.

  • Carewell has a great story. The co-founder started the business after helping her mother care for her grandmother.

She didn’t know what products they needed, where to find them, or how to use them.

They started the company to create a solution to help family caregivers.

You can save 30% on your first auto-ship plus 5% on recurring orders on Attends, Prevail, Abena and Tranquility.

*NOTE – They also provide a 10% discount for military, first responders, teachers, and medical personnel.

  • Stryker is a global leader in the healthcare industry. They manufacture products for hospitals and home care.

Stryker has a support team that can be reached online or by phone.

They provide 10% off all repeat orders and free shipping on all orders over $50.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a medical professional, caregiver, family member, or in need of medical supplies yourself, and if your situation is chronic, intermittent, or emergency, medical supplies are a must.

And all the sites explained above are committed to empowering you and providing the highest quality suggestions and help.

If you need medical supplies, give any of these sites a look. The savings can help you by easing up on your expenses and offering relief.

We always wish you good health, peace, and great deals. ❤️

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