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Total Focus Groups

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Focus Groups

We publish 250-300 focus groups every month. Most pay between $50 - $200.

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Clinical Trials

Do you suffer from an illness or disease? You may qualify to participate in clinical trials. Earn up to $1200.

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App Installs

Earn passive, monthly income by installing apps on your phone. Collect monthly payments automatically.

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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping -
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Get paid to shop! If you love shopping you will love these assignments.



3 hours ago

I have attended a few focus groups which was interactive and was educational too! I enjoyed the group discussions and contributed as well! I would highly recommend it to anyone interested!


3 days ago

I suggest that you sign up for focus groups and see for yourself just have patience and will come up that you would be a perfect candidate for trust me.


10 hours ago

An awesome way to get paid and enjoy your job while giving and honest output that may make a difference


3 hours ago

I’ve been doing these groups FOREVER!!
They can really be fun sometimes! I’ve learned a lot about different products and industries from them.
Just wish you could do more than one every 6 months!


12 hours ago

Not time consuming! Great way to give my opinion! And get paid to do it!

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