We are an online service that connects people that want to participate in focus groups and other market research studies all over the USA since September 2016.

Our mission at FocusGroups.org initially was to make it super easy for people to find local Focus Groups and get paid to participate. Over the last couple of years we've included other studies such as: App Installs and Clinical trials. By really listening to our users, we're on our way to include more types of studies like online surveys, mystery shopping, usability testing etc.

Today, we hand-pick and publish between 250-300 new Focus Groups, App Installs and Clinical trials each month and collaborate with many companies that conduct research and/or are a facility where the research is conducted.

Since the 2020 and the pandemic, many companies have started conducting their studies, and in particular focus groups online. Paid online focus groups are a great way for participants to be given behind-the-scenes access to the newest products and services before they hit the market. This is cutting edge stuff, and as such, our users have a first row view.

FocusGroups.org is a great way to earn some extra money, while providing valuable opinions and insights on new products and services. Studies on average payout $50 – $200 dollars per participant. Depending on the type of study, in general they are not that time consuming. Our database of users is constantly growing and in 2022 we've reached 350.000 users!

We are committed to building and maintaining a high-quality database of participants for a variety of studies. Through our dedication and continuous effort, we are able to provide our partners a large pool of qualified participants to draw from.

The quality and speed of our service is what makes us unique. We have become known to be a trusted provider of participants not only for Focus Group facilities nationwide but also for apps and medical market research companies.

FocusGroups.org is growing fast, and is on track to become the nation's leader in recruitment, and primary provider of participants to Focus Group facilities across the USA.

With clear goals for the future, we are on our way to become the go-to provider of participants for all types of studies.

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