Orman Guidance is conducting a study with Caregivers to better understand their needs, opportunities, and challenges. This study will take place via telephone and online follow-up surveys over the course of 2 weeks in November and December, 2018. A Caregiver of an adult is a person who has provided unpaid care to a relative or friend age 18+ to help take care of themselves. This may include: helping with personal needs or household chores, managing a person’s finances, arranging other services, or visiting regularly to see how they are doing. A caregiver of a child is a person who has provided unpaid care to any child under the age of 18 because of a medical, behavioral, or other condition or disability. This care is more than the typical care required for children of that age. This may include: care for an ongoing medical condition, serious short-term condition, emotional or behavioral problems, or developmental problems. We are particularly interested in how you support those you help—and what help you need to be effective. As this is sensitive health information—we want to assure participants that we are interested in their experiences throughout the process—and not the medical specifics. Personal information will be de-identified—meaning that information about you will never be stored with information about your loved one’s health. If you are interested in participating, please sign up and take the survey to see if you qualify! PLEASE NOTE: If your answers align with the mix of consumers we seek for follow-up, and you would like to be chosen to complete another round of online and telephone questions for which you will be compensated up to $150, please provide your telephone number and email address at the end of these questions.

Published : 11/19/2018
Location: National
Pay : $150
Gender : All
Age Range : 18+
Facility : Orman Guidance
Expiration Date : 12/14/2018

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