watchLAB is looking for CPAs who provide tax services to self-employed and small business owners for a nationwide online study on Financial Services taking place on Thursday, May 16th – Monday, May 20th. Qualified participants will receive $200 for their participation in a 45 minutes One-On-One Remote Interview. You’ll need access to: high speed internet and a desktop, laptop or tablet with a webcam that is either built in or connected via Bluetooth or a cable. Please also have a phone handy in case of any technical issues. Note – If only have a phone to use and do not have access to a desktop, laptop, or tablet, unfortunately that will not work for this study. If you are interested in participating, please sign up and take the survey to see if you qualify! When filling out the survey, you may come across some blank pages or pages with no questions after clicking one of the “Next Page” buttons. If you do, that’s fine. Just continue clicking “Next Page” until you see the “Submit” button. Click “Submit” and you’ll see a message that says something similar to: “Thank you. Your response has been processed successfully”. That means that we have received your survey responses.

Published : 05/10/2019
Location: National
Pay : $200
Gender : All
Age Range : 18+
Facility : watchLAB
Expiration Date : 05/19/2019

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