ASK SURVEY CENTER is a marketing research firm that collects consumer opinions. We depend regularly on consumers to provide feedback and information to help our clients make important decisions about the products they make and the services they offer. We are currently looking for participants to evaluate some new household appliance technology. Participants who are selected AND attend will receive $150 to $250 for sharing their opinions with us. This 60-minute research evaluation will take place at your home OR at our Home Appliance Research Lab located in Irvine, CA. Orange County participants who agree to have our research team come to their home will receive $250. Orange County Participants who agree to come to our Research Appliance Lab in Irvine, CA will receive $150. This one-on-one interview will be conducted by our professional research team. Various appointments will be available September 13 – 20, 2019. If you are interested in participating, please sign up and take the survey to see if you qualify! There will be absolutely NO sales involved with your participation in this research event and your information will be kept strictly confidential. Your contact information will not be used or released for any type of direct sales or marketing campaign. ASK Survey Center and its market research partners, adhere to the mandated CASRO (Council of American Survey Research Organizations) Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research. After you submit this survey with your preliminary information, if you meet the participation requirements for this study, one of our representatives will call you at the number you provide below to schedule your appointment. We respect your privacy; all information you give us is confidential and used only for market research purposes.

Published : 08/26/2019
City : Irvine
Pay : $150
Gender : All
Age Range : 18+
Facility : ASK Survey Center
Expiration Date : 09/19/2019

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