CLOSED - Focus Group on Eyeglasses in Miami - $500

Focus Group on Eyeglasses in Miami


Ask Miami is conducting an Eyeglasses Research Study for people age 20-69 years old paying $500. The study will take place in CORAL GABLES, FL and is only open to residents of South Florida - if you do NOT live in South Florida, please do NOT fill out this survey. If you are interested in participating, please sign up and take the survey to see if you qualify! Please complete the survey only ONE time. Completing the survey more than once will NOT increase your chances of qualifying and will most likely DISQUALIFY you from being considered as a potential participant for the upcoming focus group. Please answer the following questions as accurately as possible because your answers will determine if you qualify to participate in the paying focus group. Qualified participants will be contacted by telephone first so please be sure to include the best phone number for Ask Miami to reach you - if possible, please include multiple phone numbers. This online survey is used by Ask Miami to determine if you qualify as a potential participant in our upcoming focus group. You will not be paid for completing this online survey. You are NOT obligated to complete this survey, however, if you would like to be considered for this study, we will need you to submit your answers. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Space is limited, subject to availability. Criteria for qualification is subject to change at any time.
Published: 11/01/2019
City: National
Payout: $500
Gender: Male
Age Range: 20 - 69
Facility: N/A - National
Expires: 11/13/2019

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