CLOSED - Focus Group on Family Activities in Minneapolis - $100

Focus Group on Family Activities in Minneapolis


Orman Guidance is conducting a paid research opportunity about Family Activities. This study will take place in Bloomington, Roseville, or Edina for approximately 2 hours in the morning, afternoon, or evening in November 2019. The questions in this preliminary survey will be used to determine if you meet the description of one of the segments being studied. If you are chosen to participate, you will be compensated $100 for your time and opinions. You are under no obligation to participate; we will not share your information with anyone outside this study, and none of your responses will be retained for any purpose. These questions will take about 5 minutes to complete. We ask that you consider your answers thoughtfully and candidly. If you are interested in participating, please sign up and take the survey to see if you qualify! Space is limited, subject to availability. Criteria for qualification is subject to change at any time.
Published: 10/30/2019
City: National
Payout: $100
Gender: Male
Age Range: 18+
Facility: N/A - National
Expires: 11/11/2019

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