CLOSED - Focus Group on Online Shopping - $200

Focus Group on Online Shopping


Leede Research-MN is conducting an upcoming nationwide online research study on consumer online shopping behavior! This study will help us better understand how consumers shop for designer apparel or products online. For this nationwide online study, each participant will be asked to complete 4 online activities. Each online activity must be completed within a specific time frame (starting as soon as now through September 18th). For completing all 4 online activities, each participant will be compensated at least $200. Based on the online activity responses submitted, a select few will be invited to participate in a follow-up 60-minute remote interview session with a professional moderator on September 19th or 20th. For completing the follow-up remote interview, each participant will be compensated an additional $100. During this preliminary online screening you will be asked a series of questions. Please read the questions carefully and take your time answering the questions. If you meet the preliminary qualifications for this study, one of our recruiters will follow-up to complete the screening via telephone and will further explain the study details and logistics. Completion of these preliminary online questions do not automatically qualify you for this unique nationwide research. If you are interested in participating, please sign up and take the survey to see if you qualify!
Published: 08/23/2019
City: National
Payout: $200
Gender: Male
Age Range: 18+
Facility: N/A - National
Expires: 09/17/2019

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